Chicken Skewers/Grilled Chicken Skewers/ Grilled chicken
  1. Wash the chicken and drain water properly     
  2. Mix all the ingredients  together with the chicken ( except of salad leaf  and onion of course)
  3. Marinate for 20mins maybe. By the way I didn’t marinate is at all. It still came very soft and nice
  4.   Heat the grill or oven should do at 180c ( I have a fan oven )
  5. Arrange the chicken cubes on the skewers ( like the picture)  
  6. Place the chicken skewers on grill pan and grill them. You can also roast them in oven
  7. Grill both sides by turning half way through. Mine is little over cooked as I forgot to take them out on time. But you can take them out when both side is nicely brown or caramelised  
  8. If you see the skewers the becoming dry or getting burnt, baste them with spices from the left over marinate as often as needed during the grilling process
  9. Serve with salad or pitta or as finger food in a party.