Niramish Mangsho” or “Bhoger Mangsho (Mutton cooked without onion and Garlic)

My Kolkata visits will almost always have a visit to the temple. No, I am not particularly religious, but my mother is. So is my brother. I rely on them to pray for me. I am sorted from that point of view. However, I do […]

Mutton Jhol -Goat meat Curry

Ingredients:  300g mutton shoulder pieces 2-large onions cut into fine slices 4-cloves of garlic, paste 2-inch ginger, paste 1-teaspoon turmeric 1-teaspoon red chili powder 1-teaspoon cumin seed powder 1-teaspoon coriander seed powder 6-small potatoes, cleaned and skinned 1- Bay leaf 4/5-cardemom 2- Inch cinnamon Salt […]

Shammi Kabab

First time I ever eat this Kabab (kebab if you like. I am Bong so I will stick to Kabab) was in Pasher chachi’s house. Now who is Pasher Chachi? I know if my family members were reading this blog, they would know I have […]

Rajasthani Safed Maas- Lamb cooked in white gravy

I avoid eating red meat. I reserve any red meat cooking for friends who love mutton. In that way, R gets to eat mutton occasionally, which is good, and seems like better option than total ban. This mutton preparation is from a Rajasthani kitchen of […]