Sweets and Dessert

Langcha – A delicacy of Indian Bengali Sweet by Poppy Dey

Finally! A guest post by Poppy Di. Those of you  active in UK Bengali social media  might not really need an introduction of Poppy di. She is very active and popular for her innovative cooking and her unique GIF. For those outside and out side  […]

Nolen Gurer Sandesh (Sondesh) /Cottage Cheese Fudge with Date Palm Jaggery

Nolen Gurer Sandesh (Sondesh) /Cottage Cheese Fudge with Date Palm Jaggery

  ‘Nolen Gur’ —-the sound of the name is enough to make all Bengalis sentimental. The Date palm jaggery is an intrinsic part of Bengali life and is synonymous to winter in Bengal. Sandesh or the way Bengali’s call it Sondesh- its history dates back […]

Badam Kala Kand -Cashew Nut Kala Kand

Kala Kand is a pan Indian sweet with various versions depending on the state you are eating it. Largely, it is made with milk, cottage cheese, sugar and is usually decorated with Pistachio nuts. Many also make the sweet using milk solid instead of milk. […]

Microwave made Mango-Blackberry Layered steam Sandesh

To me, when I think about ‘food’ like a main dish and its color, mostly I think about yellow, red, green, maroon, white as the normal color for food. Any other colors such as blue, pink, purple etc are colors for cake icing or ice […]

Bhapa Misti Doi -Steamed Sweet Yogurt

Want to have something sweet but have very little time, too tired to make, suddenly guest coming for dinner so need a quick dessert…. Then this is what you want to make………..Bhapa Misti Doi ( steamed Sweet Yogurt). This is simple.. really really simple!!!!!!!!!!! Try […]